Fayetteville Police Department Cases Involving Discrimination / Sexual Harassment and Abuse 2007 – 2011

Appendix IV – Fayetteville Police Department Cases Involving Discrimination / Sexual Harassment and Abuse 2007 – 2011


1 2007-003574 I then had the subject to do the one leg stand, after explaining the instructions the subject attempted to pick his leg up and he fail almost falling to the ground.  The subject then stated “Fuck this I ain’t doing no more test for you nigga”.  I then advised the subject he was under arrest for DWI. After advising him that he was under arrest [Suspect] became very belligerent and started saying racial slurs.  While en route to county booking [Suspect] was talking about how all niggers need jobs and that he can’t stand there black skin, hair, and the way they talked.  [Suspect] also advised that all niggers need to go back to Africa and that he and his friend used to beat the shit out of niggers.
2 2007-004788 I then placed her under arrest for driving while impaired.  The entire duration of the ride to County Booking she was cussing stating “you’re a cracker ass mother fucker; God will get you for this.” She had urinated a second time while being transported in the vehicle.
3 2007-006634 While I was reading suspect her rights, she made several racial remarks, and when I stood up and bent over to continue to operate the machine, she made lewd comments; after she was going claiming to make a harassment charge to [Officer].
4 2007-006799 CID Agents were talking with both suspects and ID Technician 953 was processing the vehicle when suspect walks on scene demanding “his brothers” be released and cursing the “crackers” holding them.  I informed suspect to step back away from suspects involved with the stolen vehicle.  Suspect stated “fuck you cracker mother fuckers”.  As I approached suspect he stated “I hope you put your hand on me, I’ll fuck you up.”
5 2007-011307 I asked [suspect] if I could help him and he replied “Fuck you white cracker”
6 2007-014552 I asked the subject how he was doing.  The suspect immediately got agitated and dropped his bike and his cane.  He then started screaming and waving his arms accusing me of approaching him because of his race.  I then asked the suspect to settle down and stop moving around.  The suspect then became louder and insisted if he were white I would not have stopped him.  I then told the suspect I felt he was trying to intimidate me and I requested he place his hands behind his back.  The subject was extremely hesitant.  I told the subject to not come any closer to me unless his hands were behind his back and his back was to me.  When I pulled my taser out the subject complied.  I then placed the suspect into my vehicle and confirmed the victim was going to the Magistrate to give the probable pause.  I then transported the suspect to County Booking where Magistrate McLaurin set his bond at $500.00 secure and a court date of 6/11/07.  Immediately after hearing that he had a secure bond the suspect became extremely agitated again.  He then stated ” you white crackers think you run the world” and “Fuck You, you white bitch”.  When I asked him to have a seat upon taking the suspect to the booking room he stated “you don’t want to take them cuffs off.”  I assured the suspect the cuffs were coming off.  The then told me you “better hope not to see me on the street”.  I replied with a yes sir.
7 2007-019850 When I arrived [Officer] was trying to make contact with the suspect’s son and the suspect was walking towards [Officer] yelling “get the fuck away from my son” and “if you go near my son I will fucking kill you”. I ran towards [Officer] and asked the suspect to back away from [Officer] and the suspect continued cursing and yelling on the sidewalk. As I made contact with the suspect I immediately noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the suspects person and breath. I detained the suspect and started walking him towards my vehicle to place him in the back seat and the suspect continued cursing by saying “take these cuffs off of me so I can fuck you up”. I searched the suspect and placed him in the backseat of my vehicle. I then transported the suspect to County Booking where the suspect stated that today was his son’s birthday and they went to the club to celebrate. The suspect also stated in county booking “that I only arrested him because he was black and that if he was a cracker I wouldn’t have arrested him”.
8 2007-019864 She kept calling [Officer], who is black, a cracker and cursing at [Officer]. She continued to kick at the officers. When he arrived and began to emplace the wrap she continued to yell, asking him why he was doing that as she was “as light (skinned) as you.” She also continued to bang her head on the asphalt and yell that she was “scarred for life” and she kept yelling that we had put her “pretty ass face” in the dirt.
9 2007-023924 I told him he was under arrest for tampering with a motor vehicle. After he was in my vehicle he became angry and advised that he would get me. He stated “I will see you later and I will get your ass”. I simply ignored him. He then began racial slurs. He called me and [Officer] “Niggers”. I pressed record on my in car camera. The suspects were very belligerent and using racial slurs to me and [Officer].  The suspect called me and [Officer] “Niggars” and that he had relatives from Mississippi to take care of people like us.
10 2007-024139 The suspect was calling his mother a “fucking bitch”, telling us that this was all “bullshit” saying that we were a bunch of “mother fuckers” and that “we just needed a nigger to arrest.”
11 2007-026007 The suspect then became very irate, stating the officers on scene were “crackers”. I made contact with [Officer] and received his statement. [Officer] stated he was in the store and heard the suspect state to someone “I’m going to stab you in the heart, kill you, and rip your heart.”
12 2007-030768 On my way to CCJ subject continued to call me, “white fucking devil,” “cracker”, and “fuck you cracker.” Once this was over I felt him spit on the back of my head thru the screen. He had moved over to the side of the car where the screen was open. While at booking suspect continued to call me a “cracker” and say we were members of the KKK. While going into the jail he informed me, “something bad was coming to me and my family.”
13 2007-032586 [Suspect] repeatedly yelled at me, calling me several racial slurs and cursing.
14 2007-033376 We asked the suspect to leave and he refused.  He got loud and started cursing and shouting at us.  He told an officer “I’ll knock your ass out, cracker mother fucker”. I transported him to county booking and during the transport, the suspect continued to call me a “cracker mother fucker”.  While at the jail the suspect refused to be finger printed.
15 2007-033573 He kept hollering at us and said he would kick my ass if I took my gun off.  After speaking with the victim, I approached the suspect to get his side of the story.  He again threatened to kick my ass if I took my gun off and took up a fighting stance.  I believe he would have assaulted me if another officer had not arrived at that time.  During the investigation the suspect kept calling officers “crackers” and “motherfuckers.”  When asked what his name was, all the suspect would say was “Puntang motherfucker.”
16 2007-034303 He called me a racist, a cracker, white piece of shit.  He kept telling me he would take care of me once his handcuffs were off in between his insults.  I refrained from engaging [Suspect] in his impugning taunts of my character and politely gave him directions into the booking room and to his seat. [Suspect]  turned and glared at me with an aggressive body posture.  I could see his fists clenching and his jaw grinding.
17 2007-035145 I was returning to my vehicle to gather more information from the victims when [suspect] boyfriend approached me in an aggressive and agitated stated and stated, “I know who you are [Officer] and I’m not scared of you.”  I then asked him what his name was and he stated, “That’s irrelevant.”  He then stated, “It’s alright for whites to attack black kids.”  “You fucking crackers ain’t shit because they’re white.”  I advised him strongly he needed to back-off and calm down I was investigating the incident.
18 2007-035197 I then attempted to inform the suspect of his Miranda Rights and he told me to “Fuck myself.” He then continued on a tirade of how I was the cause of his problems because I was White and he was Black and I caused him to come to America from Africa. He then called me the king of any Caucasian country. [Suspect] stated “if the white man would quit bring crack in Id quit smoking it what else am I suppose to do with it.  [Suspect] stated the white cracker man is the reason he does what he does because he knows the white cracker is afraid of the black man especially the old white man cause he knows well take what we want.  [Suspect] talked the whole way to Campbellton about the white cracker man and the oppression he has put on the black man since the white man forced him over here from his kingdom of Africa.  [Suspect] stated he was the king of Africa and when he regained his status I could come work for him.
19 2007-037062 I placed him in the rear seat of my patrol car as he started to scream at me, “You’re just a stupid cracker bitch! You did this to me!”
20 2007-039384 When I approached him again he continued to curse. He stated that I was a “stupid fucking nigger lovin bitch”.
21 2007-039831 Suspect did advise that something bad was going to happen to me.  Suspect made a racial judgment, saying that I only treated him that way because he wasn’t white.
22 2007-042741 I followed him to ensure he left the property.  [Suspect] was yelling rude comments at use while he was leaving such as “fuck you” and “If you was a real nigger you would do something instead of talk about it”.  He was not very cooperative and was very belligerent say “Fuck you, dumb mother fuckers, Ill fuck your ass up you ain’t shit”.
23 2007-043585 The suspect used racial slangs and communicated threats to myself and my training officer.
24 2008-001712 At the hospital the suspect continued screaming, using racial slurs, and cursing while combative. Other officers arrived at the hospital and helped us to get the suspect under control.  The suspect had to be handcuffed to the bed and had to be put on leg irons.  The suspect later calmed down by the time [Sergeant] came out to take pictures of the suspect.  The suspect changed her attitude and started grinning to myself and [Officer] telling us that she was going to have our jobs.
25 2008-002692 During this incident the suspect repeatedly used racial slurs in the PVA and at the hospital. The entire trip to Cape Fear the suspect kept stating that “He was going to kill me and that he was going to tell his daddy who is a retired Master Sergeant in the 82nd Airborne that I was a nigger lover and that I arrest him instead of a nigger who hit him. The suspect continued to use the racial slurs around the nurse and was combative and uncooperative the entire time. After having been checked by the doctors the suspect was released and cleared for me to take him to County Booking. The nurse who was attending him was a [Nurse] and she stated that “The suspect was belligerent, aggressive, and continually used racist comments.”
  2008-004261 The suspect was very intoxicated and shouted words of profanity and racial remarks. “You fucking nigger, can’t tell me what to do”.  When did take his hands out of his pocket, he raised his hand up to his chest as if he was about to strike at me.
26 2008-005307 I detained the suspect until a show up could be conducted.  The suspect was extremely belligerent.  The suspect kept saying, “He molested my daughter and all he got was a year.  I know if it was a black mother fucker who did that to a white girl ya’ll would have put him away for good.  You ain’t nothing but a white cracker mother fucker.” I took the suspect before Magistrate Freeman, who gave her a $1,000 secured bond.  The suspect became extremely irate. The suspect started hitting the filing cabinets as she walked towards the back.  The suspect did not want anybody who was white to touch her.  The suspect went back with the black female jailor came to get her.
27 2008-007464 We continued to investigate the narcotic activity and the suspect became more aggressive. He advised he was not staying and was going into the house. The subject began walking away and up advised him to stop.  He stated, “Fuck ya’ll” and continued walking.  We told the other subjects to stay put and followed the suspect.  He was told to stop again and did not. [Officer] and I grabbed the subject as he tried to enter the house. He continued to pull away and we placed handcuffs on him. The subject continued to shout expletives, “Fuck ya’ll niggas!” etc.  Suspect was escorted to my vehicle and searched incident to arrest.  He advised me to get out of his pockets and that I had no right.  He also stated, “did you hear that? This cop said he would beat my black ass!” Once at CCJ the subject got out of the vehicle and stated, “I just have two words for you, Fuck You” and “ya’ll short mother fucking white boy.”
28 2008-011113 The suspect began to curse and use racial slurs stating “I hate all of you white motherfuckers and get you fucking hands off of me.” The suspect was being verbally abusive toward the officers and pulling away from [Lieutenant]. The suspect was taken into the booking area where she was verbally using racial slurs being very uncooperative. The suspect was placed into handcuffs and placed in one of the holding cells were she began to kick the door and use more racial slurs. The suspect stated “I hate all you white cracker devils and you too Uncle Tom Token Nigga”.
29 2008-011978 The suspect was extremely uncooperative and belligerent through most of the process.  The suspect said, “It wouldn’t hurt me none if you died right now.  You put my hands behind my back you goddamn son of a bitch.  Ya’ll are a bunch of cracker mother fuckers.”
30 2008-012765 I told the suspect to leave again for the second time and the suspect called me a cracker mother fucker and that he did not have to listen to me because we can’t touch him cause we are all cracker mother fuckers.
31 2008-013339 During the entire incident the subject was verbally abusive, making racial comments, and threatens to kill LEO.
32 2008-014606 She stopped in the street blocking my vehicle and refused to move. I arrested the defendant and she called me a cracker motherfucker.
33 2008-014626 She was very combative and disrespectful calling me a black ass nigger and she don’t care if the magistrate locked her up because she been there before and everyone knows her.
34 2008-018359 [Suspect] began using racial slurs and daring me to hurt him.
35 2008-026672 He would not stop cursing, and using racial slurs inside the intake room.
36 2008-027259 [Suspect] began cursing at [Officer] and I calling us “Cracker mother fuckers”, asking me if I wanted to fight, and stating that it’s going to be different if I see him on the streets. I did not reply to any of his comments. The suspect was very irate and continued to call myself and [Officer] racial slurs such as “Whitey” and “Crackers”.
37 2008-030036 Also during the entire time at county booking which was approximately one hour and forty five minutes [Suspect] was saying racial comments.  Calling me cracker, white devil and at one point he made the comment that the world would be a better place if someone just killed me and the blonde officer. (Referring to [Officer]).  This behavior went on the entire time.
38 2008-033329 I requested the suspect place his hands behind his back which he still did not. The suspect yelled, “You nigger fuck you leave me alone”. I was able to wrestle the cuff on his left hand and the suspect yelled, “Stop tasering me HELP”. I instructed the suspect if he did not place his other hand behind his back I would taser him again so he allowed me to get the other cuff on his right hand. I requested the suspect get up off the floor and he yelled “I’m not going nowhere you make me get up”.
39 2008-039231 While walking her to my car she attempted to kick and trip me and continued to yell and scream.  She called us “Bitch ass white cracker cops”; “Bitch ass”; “Bitch ass mother fuckers”.  Suspect was highly agitated and threatened to spit on me.
40 2008-048596 at that time the female became verbally combative by calling me racial names (cracker, honky, white bitch) and yelling “that cracker ain’t going to do shit to me.”
41 2008-048956 At that time the female became verbally combative by calling me racial names (cracker, honky, white bitch) and yelling “that cracker ain’t going to do shit to me.” While in the jail she continued to make threats towards me and would not listen to any of my instructions.
42 2008-049053 While attempting to place [suspect] into the rear of my patrol vehicle he continued to be verbally combative stating “fuck you, cracker motherfucker.” While I conducted a search of the interior of the vehicle [suspect] spit several times onto the patrol vehicles center console, computer, and throughout the interior of the vehicle. Throughout the arrest and booking process [suspect] was verbally combative and abusive using racial slurs to include repeatedly calling me “boy” in an apparent attempt to bait me into some type of confrontation.
43 2008-049360 She violently pulled away and turned toward me and kneed me in the groin with her right knee. Suspect verbally attacked everyone she saw in the area using a varied amount of racial insults, making demands and curses.
44 2008-052797   The suspect / defendant [suspect] was yelling profanity and racial slurs which could be heard throughout the Detective Division.
45 2009-002137 I informed him that he was under arrest and attempted to put handcuffs on him. I observed him make a fist with his right hand and he stated, “I should knock your head off, right now.” The racial name calling to all the black officers began once he was restrained on the ground. The N-word was used several times and in varied contexts. It took 2 officers to hold him to the ground.
46 2009-005755 Once out by my vehicle I patted [Suspect] down again and before I placed him in my vehicle he looked at the sticker on the left window of my vehicle which bears the name and badge of [Officer] and stated ” I hope he died a slow and painful death just like all you mother fuckers should.” n the way to Cape Fear [Suspect] continued to insult the police department and the city of Fayetteville using words like “all fucking cops are pussies and should die.” I’ll sue and own the fucking city of Fayetteville. Once inside Cape Fear [Suspect] began to cuss at the security personnel calling them pussies and stated why he quit being a cop because they are all cunts.  he subject started to call [Officer] “a redneck” and came at [Officer] with the fists clenched in a threatening posture.  [Officer] warned the subject to back down and unclench his fists.  The suspect told [Officer] to take off his gun and badge and came back toward [Officer].
47 2009-008598 [Suspect] called [Officer] and I both racist, and rednecks. [Suspect]shouted over and over that he and [Suspect] had been arrested because Obama was president, and [Officer] and myself wanted to put all the black man in jail.
48 2009-014713 When I attempted to take the suspect to get his picture, he said “Fuck-you, you cracker…. I’m going to look at the fucking bird!”
49 2009-015628 [Sergeant] arrived on scene and the suspect was still calling me racial names and fat black negro.
50 2009-017287 I placed the suspect into custody.  After the suspect was placed into custody she began to voice various racial epithets toward me.
51 2009-021033 [Suspect] continued to yell obscenities and racial slurs at me while we were enroute to the hospital.
52 2009-022336 When I directed subject to stop cursing in public he stated that he “ain’t no fucking nigger and he has freedom of speech.” I informed subject that he needed to refrain from such language and again subject began a string of profanities. Subject then stated “motherfucker you’re gonna have to shoot me if you think you are gonna put me in handcuffs.”
53 2009-023692 She sat up got back on her feet and told me she was going to slap the shit out of my cracker ass and that I broke her wrist.  The suspect again continued to curse and carry on in a disorderly manner.
54 2009-026065 The suspect was very belligerent throughout the investigation.  The suspect regularly used grotesque and racial slurs towards [Sergeant] and me.
55 2009-029294 When confronted by police suspect began yelling in a public street to citizens in the vicinity. He yelled “Fuck you bitch and your fat ass cracker wife.”
56 2009-030998 I said to her “What’s wrong?”. The suspect appeared to be physically fine. The suspect looked at me and yelled “Fuck you. Fuck you. You are a fucking pig.” I had a clerk standing next to me. I told her to go into the CRU area. I then left my office (Secured behind glass) and walked to speak with the suspect. The suspect sat in the lobby chair and began screaming profanities and racial insults. She saw one of the CRU clerks and yelled “fuck you Chinese bitch” The suspect repeatedly called me “a black son of a bitch”. I asked that she calm down. She then began to scream louder. I told the suspect that she was under arrest. The suspect responded by striking me on the arms as I attempted handcuff her. The suspect then punched me in the stomach and spat on my arms.
57 2009-031997 The suspect then stated to me “Fuck You, You cracker ass Wonder Bread Bitch”.  I then went to release the suspect and when I opened the suspect s door he again became belligerent by cursing me and calling me a “Mother Fucker cracker Police”.
58 2009-032960 Throughout the process [Suspect] was extremely belligerent; he called me a mother fucking cracker, honky, nigger, he said he was going to piss on my mother’s grave, and he was going to fuck my mother. He made multiple veiled threats; “I got something for you”, “I’m going to get you on the ‘Murc’”, he made gunshot sounds “BA, BA, BA, BA, you never met a nigger like me, mother fucker!”
59 2009-035884 I again instructed [suspect] to place his hands behind his back, and [suspect] refused to comply, stating that he would “kick both your cracker asses”. [Suspect] ranted on and on how he would find myself and [Officer] in the gym and cause us bodily harm, as he could bench press 450 pounds.
60 2009-038160 They photographed the abrasions on my right forearm and my torn uniform shirt.  They also photographed both defendants, gathered information, and statement.  [Suspect] never calmed down and she resisted throughout the entire process.  She repeatedly yelled “you stupid cracker mother fuckers” along with other profanity
61 2009-041231 I transported [Suspect] to the Cumberland County Detention Center as she called me a nigger the whole entire time we rode.  I arrived at the detention center and I read [Suspect] her implied consent offense rights and she refused to sign the form.  [Suspect] continued to curse and call me a nigger as I tried to complete her paperwork.
62 2009-041992 He handed his registration card to me and stated I only stopped him because he was black. He was very aggressive and kept cursing me and telling me the only reason I stopped him was because he was black and that I needed to get paid. During this time frame I head [Suspect] call Specialist a “Black Nigger” several times as well as keeping his racial slurs toward me going. During the time the suspect was in my custody he made several threats of physical violence toward me.
63 2009-042687 As she opened the door I told her to close the door and stay inside. She did not follow my directions. She then started yelling at me “fuck you I ain’t got to listen, what the fuck you cracker ass doing”. I again told her to close the door. She did not. At this point I told the subjects to stay facing away from me keeping their hands up and go to their knees.
64 2009-044464 Between receiving his bond and walking to the entrance to the jail, [suspect] became very uncooperative. [Suspect] pulled away from me twice stating “get your cracker ass off of me.” I placed [suspect] in a holding cell while I completed my paperwork. Then upon reaching the jail entrance, [suspect] refused to sit. [suspect] stated that he would “drag my twenty-five year old ass.” [Suspect] stated, “Just wait; I will beat your cracker ass.” [Suspect] was then taken into the intake area. I returned to Campbellton and placed the knife into the evidence room.
65 2009-044721 At this time the suspect was on the ground in handcuffs and was extremely disruptive and disorderly to include the incessant use of racial slurs, profanity, obscene comments and generally hostile behavior toward the responding officers.
66 2010-001670 I escorted the male subject back to the living room and turned to see a female subject shouting “let me at that cracker motherfucker, Ill fuck him up.”  She was swinging as me and was being restrained by two unknown females.  The female broke free, charged towards me, and attempted to strike me.  I pulled her to the couch where she kicked me in the upper left leg several times and struck me in the arms with closed fists.  I placed the female in handcuffs and turned my attention to controlling the still unruly crowd.  The now handcuffed male subject charged toward me yelling to “let go” (sic) of his sister and that he too was going to kill me.
67 2010-001675 [Suspect] was still being uncooperative and stated to me “fuck you white boy.” [Suspect] began cursing, yelling and making racial slurs toward my training officer, [Officer].
68 2010-002970 The suspect was on scene yelling, screaming, and using profanity.  Due to the fact that the suspect was being disorderly on scene he was detained until other information was gained.  While on scene he continued to be disorderly by using very abusive language and spitting.  The suspect also communicated threats by stating that he would come back to the fire station at a later date and blow the building up.  The suspect continued to use language like, “Fuck you, mother fucker, bitch, nigger and nigger-lover.”
69 2010-004033 The suspect stated “well you didn’t pull out.” The victim stated he did and that’s why his “stuff” was all over the panties. The suspect then started waving the panties around myself and [Officer]. The suspect continued to waive a pair of female under garments in my face and [Officer]face. The suspect eventually threw the panties at [Officer] after we told her to leave again.
70 2010-009149 I gave chase and grabbed his jacket; he immediately turned and struck twice on the left side of my face breaking my glasses and fled.  I pursued him and caught him after he ran into a wood fence.  I placed him on the ground and he had both his hands under his body as if he was attempting to grab something. While at the CCDC the suspect made numerous threats and racial remarks; he stated “I know who you are and I`ll get you, I`m going to beat your ass”, “you better pray every day, I`m gonna get you cracker bitch”, “you cracker mother-fucker, suck my dick”, “you crackers mother-fuckers bruise easy, your face looks like it was dragged across the street”, he often boasted about striking me on the face.  After his bond hearing, he said, “I see your wedding ring, I`m going to find your wife and get her”.  He also said, “you don`t know who you`re fucking with, I`m affiliated”.
71 2010-011747 Upon arrival at CCDC [suspect] became verbally abusive and refused to answer standard booking questions and was becoming increasingly hostile towards myself and the booking staff. [Suspect] starting calling me a “cracker mother-tucker” and stated “you work for the Klan you piece of shit kicking cop.” [Suspect] was then placed in lR-104 for non-compliance with booking procedures. While in IR-104, [suspect] stared complaining that his restraints were too tight and stated “Loosen my cuffs mother-kicking cracker”, With the assistance of [Officer] (142) [suspect’s] restraints were checked and verified by [Officer]. While the door to IR-104 was open [suspect] stated to Booking Officer [Officer] “what you looking at white bitch.” [Suspect] stated “why I have to go to the hospital, cause some cracker cop beat my ass, fuck that I don`t want to go.” At 0254 I departed CCDC for CFVMC and arrived at CFVMC at 0304 on the drive to CFVMC. [Suspect] stated “you thought I was some poor nigger to fuck with, you gonna find out bitch, I`m privileged and you will regret ever fucking with me you piece of shit cracker.” [Suspect] also stated “I know your boss and wait till I`m in the back room with the judge drinking coffee as your cracker ass gets arrested”. [Suspect] also stated “you cracker cops ain`t shit you mother fuckers.” [Suspect] then stated that “Klan Magistrate sent me here because he knows who my dad is, and he is scared of niggers with money.” Upon seeing the Trooper arrive [Suspect] stated “you white mother fuckers trying to get your stories right now y`all lying cracker bitches.” [Suspect] `was taken to the Triage room at 0343, where he told the ER Nurse “you white bitch, why you looking at me like that, cause I got beat by the police cause I`m black”. [Suspect] then said “get your white ass out of my room bitch.” [Suspect] refused to cooperate with [Sergeant] and stated “you cracker, that`s how y`all crooked cops cover shit up, I`m done with y`all, we will have our people investigate this.” As [Sergeant] was walking away, [Suspect] sated in a low tone of voice “that cracker mother fucker. I will fuck you up.” While waiting for the Booking Staff to take [Suspect] into booking, [Suspect] stated “you Klan mother fucker, the Klan will never win, I have more money than your middle class bitch ass.
72 2010-012124 [Officer] paced [Suspect] in his vehicle and released after a few minutes of investigation. After [Suspect] was released he was walking down the street yelling racial slurs calling us cracker mother fuckers, niggers, and challenging us to fight. He walked to Wilson St were my vehicle was parked and he kicked the left rear door and jumped on top of the vehicle. He was yelling come on you cracker mother fuckers; I`ll kick your ass. [Suspect] was placed in custody and he continued to resist.
73 2010-014675 [Suspect] stated “That fat fucking Sergeant, all he saw was a nigger with gold chains and thought I had drugs, he ain`t shit to me.” [Suspect]  stated to me “Thank you” “Thank you [Officer], I will personally thank you later, you`ll see.”
74 2010-017277 Immediately suspect steps toward me and I have to advise him to step back to my patrol vehicle.  During this time [Suspect] is still yelling and screaming cursing and admitting to assaulting the victim.  I request suspect to calm down and his reply was, that he told the last bastard police officer what happen.  I told him, I was not familiar with what happened before today.  Suspect tells me he hates nigger cops and fuck you and takes off running away still yelling and screaming about Niggers, all while outside the businesses in the presence of other African Americans that were gathered at a location toward the end of plaza and the direction suspect was running.
75 2010-021301 [Suspect] stormed out of her apartment yelling, and when myself and [Officer] asked her what just happened she replied “fuck you white mother fuckers, you can’t do shit, fuck you tm leaving”. Myself and [Officer] both instructed ms [Suspect] that she was not free to leave as we needed to find out what had happened and why she was upset. [Sergeant] arrived on scene and attempted to talk with [Suspect], however she started using racial slurs against [Sergeant]  . [Suspect] stated “what, you fucking him too? You white fucking bitch” [Suspect] then stated “go ahead mother-fucker, shoot me, that`s what you white mother-fuckers do to blacks”. [Suspect] was released from CCDC, however stated “i hope you get killed on a domestic you white fucker, next time you come to Cambridge arms, you gonna get it, maybe I will shoot your white ass”, “I have 100`s of witnesses that you fondled me and I’m bringing them all to court” “I’m going to have you arrested you stupid fucker”, and “I will find you and your white family mother fucker”.
76 2010-022320 On the way to jail [Suspect] shouted racial remarks to [Officer] and communicated death statements to myself.
77 2010-024349 I could hear someone yelling “Fuck this shit” and when I looked to the left side of the parking lot, I saw the suspect standing next to some vehicles in the parking lot. I walked a short distance closer and heard the suspect say “Fuck the Police” and he put up his middle finger at me. I approached the suspect and asked him what his problem was and he said “I’m a White boy in a nigger club”. The suspect kept saying he was waiting on friends and as he walked away with his citation, he balled it up and threw it into the road and yelled “Fuck ya’ll bitches”. I then detained the suspect and got him into my patrol, but the entire time he was in my car, he kept yelling “Fuck you bitches”.
78 2010-029262 I arrived and observed the suspect asking for money.  I asked the suspect to walk to me and he called me a Mexican nigger and started to walk away.
79 2010-029534 He stated “I don`t have to listen to a paid fucking Nigger”.  He then stated that I need to mind my own business and “to leave him the fuck alone”.
80 2010-034966 He began to swearing stating “he hates fucking cops” using racial slurs also. I asked suspect to exit the vehicle. He stepped out and I began to pat him down when he stated again using foul language and racial slurs.
81 2010-036336 While I was waiting for [Person] to respond to the Jail [Suspect] `became belligerent and started to use profane language. He stated several times that I was a black bald head mother fucking bitch. He also called me a nigger in a white man`s body and I worked for those uncle tom mother fucking crackers. He then stood up and pulled down his pants along with his underwear and stated he was going to take a piss on the machine. I had to restrain him from urinating on the instrument and escort him to the bathroom. Once we left from the rest room [Suspect] put his hands up in the air and stated pull up my pant bitch. [Suspect] stated, “hold on, I`m thinking nigger.” and then leaned against the wall and looked at me. I advised him I was going to refuse him and he stated, “I don`t give a fuck bitch.”
82 2010-040163 I could hear the suspect yelling and noticed he had jumped the back fence and was standing in a wooded area.  He was yelling for Satan and for us “Nigger Mother Fuckers” to stay away from him.
83 2010-042375 [Suspect] kept uttering racial slurs.
84 2011-019086 The male was yelling racial slurs (You Fucking cracker). [Suspect] then began using racial slurs (fucking white ass cracker) [Suspect] began spitting in the back seat of my vehicle and told me to get my bitch lawyer friends to clean his shit. [Suspect] stated he hated fucking white people and fought with deputies in the jail.
85 2011-003251 As we got closer to CCDC, the suspect began to get more and more irate, and verbally abusive and was using profanity and racial slurs towards me, and spitting on me.
86 2011-003260 The suspect had become consistently more verbally abusive and irate on the way to the CCDC.  On the way into the jail, the suspect began using racial slurs along with profanity towards me.  During the time that I was in the magistrates office completing my paperwork, the suspect continued to yell obscenities and racial slurs directed toward me.  Saying things like “fuck you, you white cop”, “I hate white people”, and calling me a “Andy Griffith, Opie looking white mother fucker.”  She spit on me from approximately 4 feet away.
87 2011-005091 I moved into the residence and when I walked a little closer to the suspect, he swung at me with his fist and missed.  He then called me a nigger and said I better not touch him.
88 2011-015839 While in my custody the suspect was verbally abusive, to include incessantly calling me a “white cracker bitch” and making similar profane, abusive comments about my mother and making threatening statements about wanting to fight me the next time I saw him in public.
89 2011-016097 She stated don’t Fucking touch me you black bitch and still attempted to get into the room. I then advised her to place her hand behind her back because she was being placed under arrest. The suspect then attempted to pull away from me and continued to make racial comments towards me. Once the suspect was placed in cuffs she was taken out of the residence and placed in my patrol car. Once in my car she continued to use profane language and made several comments that she wanted a white officer to take her.
90 2011-017360 At that time she appeared to become restless so I placed my on the door and began to open it.  She said something else that I can not recall, turned the steering wheel toward the inner lanes and accelerated the vehicle.  I made an attempt to get away from the vehicle but the drivers rear tire rolled onto my left foot causing me to lose balance and fall into the roadway.  I immediately felt a sharp pain in my toes and knew I had received an injury. She was then placed inside my patrol vehicle where she continued to curse and yell obscenities at officers such as, “Fuck you, you cracker mother fuckers”, “I`m gonna have all your fucking jobs!”, and spit onto the windows of my vehicle.
91 2011-018969 The suspect was irate. He was yelling and cursing in the parking lot. He yelled “Fuck that you cracker mother fucker…Fuck you, you pig cracker ass…Fuck those crackers” I warned the suspect about his language and he replied “freedom of speech”. The suspect continued to yell obscenities and walk about the parking lot.
92 2011-019164 As I asked [Suspect] about his actions he starting yelling racial slurs and that I was part of the KKK and wanted a war against the races.  He then stated “I’m going to get you cracker ass mother fuckers”.

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